Amanda Honer
Registered Homeopath & Wellbeing Consultant
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Psychological support
I have a background in psychology and considerable life experience which has encouraged me to embark on a wide ranging healing path towards the elegant simplicity behind life. I believe we all have within us, the ability to heal, and sometimes we simply need a little guidance in order to discover this for ourselves.

Most people seek inner contentment, self-acceptance and fulfilment in life. Therefore, an understanding of the fundamental principles behind your psychological experience can help you to break free any limitations driven by your own habitual thought pattern.

I value this work immensely and enjoy seeing patients find resources they didn’t know they had within themselves. This then encourages them to evolve and move towards a habitual feeling of security, trust and inner contentment.
Contact me
If you have any questions I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact me on:
Direct line : 07949 864592

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