Amanda Honer
Registered Homeopath & Wellbeing Consultant
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What to expect from a consultation
The initial (adult) consultation may last up to an hour and a half. (The initial child consultation may last up to an hour in the clinic, followed by a telephone consultation with the parent). This would be your opportunity to share information about yourself and any current ailments, in a quiet, confidential space.

This is an important time to allow you the space to express freely how you feel about anything without fear of judgement.

Anything and everything you chose to share during each consultation will always be treated in the strictest confidence as I abide by the Society of Homeopath’s strict code of ethics.

After the consultation, if homeopathic medicine is needed, I will work on your case and decide upon the correct remedy for you at that time. Within a few days, your prescription will be delivered to your home or sent through the post.

If nutritional support is needed I will complete a dietary sheet for you and send this in a few days.

After the appointment we may decide together that there isn’t a need for homeopathic medicine or nutritional suggestions, but simply a need for psychological guidance.

If needed, a follow up appointment will then be made for approximately 4-6 weeks later.

Contact me
If you have any questions I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact me on:
Direct line : 07949 864592

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